By combining years of experience in the field of corporate strategy and business development with broad regulatory expertise and legal support to key industry players, we apply a holistic approach to clients’ needs and provide comprehensive practical advice across Ukraine and the CIS.

Our Portfolio

Our key client sectors include, but are not limited to, healthcare, medicine and pharmaceuticals which continue to develop at breathtaking speed and face significant changes in market dynamics, regulatory demands and customer behavior.

We help companies of all sizes looking to enter the market or develop their presence in the region to implement smart solutions, thereby ensuring their strategies are adopted for regulatory approval and smooth market access.

Examples of the types of work we do with our clients include:


Business expansion - Access to the Ukrainian pharma market
  • consulting on medicines and medical products legislation;

  • analysis of compliance with market requirements;

  • market analysis and decision makers mapping;

  • advising on product promotions and optimal business models;

  • establishment of a representative/commercial office;

  • establishment of business relations with distributors and contractors.

  • Legislative representation and monitoring;

  • Regulatory risk assessment and analysis;

  • Advice, counsel, and guidance;

  • Communications coordination;

  • Public Relations consulting.

Governmental Relations



Investments in the Ukrainian market
  • evaluation of investment directions, including optimal investment options;

  • evaluation of the regulatory field and prospects for its change;

  • risk assessment and provision of recommendations;

  • preparation of business plans.

  • preparation of appeals to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and local authorities;

  • holding information campaigns to raise awareness of specific problems;

  • representation of the client’s interest.

The process of inclusion on the List of Essential Medicines and to public procurement programs



Participation in state purchases of pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • assessment of potential and providing recommendations;

  • instructing on registration;

  • advice on preparation of bids to participate in purchasing procedures.

  • conducting crisis management audits and reporting;

  • drafting crisis plans, creating standard operating procedures (SOP) and crisis management systems;

  • establishment and training of crisis-management teams;

  • provision of 24/7 support in the event of a crisis situation;

  • consultations on existing threats and foreseeable problems.

Crisis Management


Over time, the services offered by ABSC have evolved to include a range of facets for business development.
We provide local, up-to-date expertise and quality advice across a broad range of issues covering strategy, development and operation.