• Vira Kurdyumova

“Crisis situation in the company: is it possible to be prepared and how effectively counteract”

On February 20, 2018 companies ABSC, Be—it Health & Social Impact and Legal Alliance have held an ivent devoted to Crisis management in Pharmaceutical companies. A business breakfast format was chosen to provide relaxed and interactive atmosphere.

During the event, the managers of pharmaceutical companies discussed crisis situations in terms of business, communications and law.

The speakers were:

Natalya Olbert-Sinko, managing director, Be—it Health & Social Impact communication agency

Krzysztof W. Siedlecki M.D., senior partner, ABSC consultancy, country manager of the international pharmaceutical company in 2006-2016, president of the European Business Association in 2015-2016.

Oleksiy Bezhevets, partner, Legal Alliance law firm, attorney

Dmytro Aleshko, partner, Legal Alliance law firm

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