• Vira Kurdyumova

Investment opportunities in Ukraine 2019

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Krzysztof Siedlecki senior partner ABSC, MSPPU board member has presented the Ukrainian investment opportunities for the Polish business at the Polskie Mosty Technologiczne conference in Warsaw on April 11, 2019.

Good geographical location, rich natural resources, developed logistics infrastructure and communications, relatively cheap labor, a large number of skilled personnel - these and other factors are intended to make Ukraine an attractive place to invest. But what stands behind interfering on the way to attract investment?

Some of the challenges Ukraine faces for the moment:

• judicial reform

• bureaucracy reduction

• implementation of anticorruption measures

• acceleration of privatization (especially of smaller enterprises)

• abolition of the memorandum on trade of agricultural land

• deoligarchization

• speed up and completion of reforms in healthcare, education and social security

• speeding up the decentralization of governing bodies

• strengthening of public media

• improvement of infrastructure

Running presidential elections and coming elections to the legislative body Verkovna Rada doesn’t improve the investment ranking of Ukraine. Will the current direction of reforms be followed? What is going to be the main course of the new government? The upcoming elections have intensified the level of demagogy and populism increasing the confusion both inside and outside of the country. An ongoing Donbas conflict doesn’t promote the flow of capital to Ukraine either.

Nevertheless, Ukraine ranks 71st in the Doing Business ranking. The position of Ukraine has improved by 5 places over the last year.

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