• Vira Kurdyumova

Poland has adopted a law on electronic prescribing

While Ukraine only plans to introduce electronic prescription as such, Poland introduces the possibility of issuing electronic prescriptions not only after a personal examination, but also after the patient's examination through teleinformation systems.

Thus, on March 30, 2018, the president of Poland Andrzej Duda signed an electronic prescribing law allowing to issue a prescription necessary for the continuation of treatment and orders for medical products, not only after a personal examination of a patient, but also after examination through an IT or communication system.

The Ministry of Health of Poland believes that introduction of e-prescribing will bring a number of benefits both to patients and doctors. Such prescriptions will not be lost or damaged, there will be no problems with illegible handwriting or absence of a doctor's stamp.

There is going to be an option to track the history of issued prescriptions and their execution through the web site. Ultimately, this can help in monitoring the treatment of chronically ill patients (with their consent) - if the patient does not buy medicines, it will be possible to send him a reminder, that the effectiveness of treatment depends on their intake.

Thus, Poland is making another step in reforming the healthcare system and developing telemedicine.

We would like to remind that development in Ukraine is only being planned, in particular as part of the medical reform in rural areas.


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