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Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Congress 2019: market experience of healthcare reform

Ukrainian and global pharmaceutical companies discussing opportunities on the Ukrainian market and impact of reform
Panel 5. Pharma in the swirl of healthcare reform – opportunity or threat

Representatives of the Ministry of health, global and Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies discussed impact of the healthcare reform at the UPC 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Panel 5 co-moderated by Natalia Serhienko, EBA HCC Executive Director and Krzysztof Siedlecki, Senior partner ABSC caused lively discussion of the undergoing healthcare reform.

"Can pharmaceutical companies afford to flow with a stream or shall they forcefully paddle with, or maybe… against the water current?", asked Krzysztof Siedlecki.

For the moment the state provides only 12% of the population's demand for pharmaceuticals, said CEO Proxima Research Sergey Ishchenko. Obviously such figures show insufficient financing of the healthcare.

"Having a tariff for a treated case, the hospital will be interested in purchasing cheaper medicines in larger volume," said Deputy Minister of Health Pavlo Kovtonyuk. He also noted that budget constraints force government to be pragmatic and prioritize the expenditures.

While Dmytro Shymkiv, Chairman of the Board of the Managing Company "Darnitsa", emphasized the importance of Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies in providing citizens with access to treatment and outlined the prospects for increasing the importance of domestic manufacturers in the pharmaceutical market.

Representative of a global pharma - Koki Sato, General Director of Takeda Ukraine, said that the world's leading pharmaceutical companies are ready to cooperate with the authorities to create conditions that would allow Ukrainian citizens to access innovative medicines.

All the participants of the panel agreed that it is important to develop a dialogue between business and state to enhance access to effective treatment for the Ukrainians.

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