Preparation of the Ukrainian healthcare market analysis for a global innovative pharmaceutical company in terms of organizational structure, decision-making process, influencing factors and distribution of budgetary funds:

  • General overview of the Ukrainian healthcare: organizational structure, decision-making and identification of influencers at the state / regional levels (current situation and prospects).

  • Review of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market in terms of distribution of budgetary funds.

  • Presentation of directions and prospects of business development.

Healthcare market analysis 

Development of a business plan for the organization of a healthcare institution to provide medical services with the involvement of modern IT solutions, a turnkey project implementation and management:

  • Preparation of a business plan, including alternative business start-up and development models, with a view to complementing the current business of the client and future separation into an independent structure.

  • Implementation of registration procedures and obtaining a license for medical practice

  • staff recruitment and training

  • Preparation of a technical specification for a software product development, testing and service launch

  • Preparation of work standards and quality control methods

  • Development of a service promotion plan

  • Project administration

Establishment of a healthcare institution 

ABSC supported market access procedures for a biopharmaceutical company by leading a process of raising awareness of a rare disease in Ukraine among decision-makers, healthcare professionals, and media.

ABSC developed clear guidelines on access to the public procurement process and provided proficient support in collaboration with the process stakeholders.

ABSC provided legal and informational support to the patient advocacy groups to ensure access to the treatment.

A number of activities have been organized to unite patients, healthcare professionals and authorities and find ways to ensure the access to treatment.

Market access support 

Conducting marketing research among doctors 

ABSC prepared and conducted a marketing research among doctors with the aim of risk minimization and obtaining independent results:

  • Prepared and concluded contracts with healthcare specialists for the design of the research;

  • Made assessment of the research design;

  • Prepared and signed contracts with healthcare specialists on the conduct of the research;

  • Monitored the conduct of the research and fulfillment of obligations by the parties.